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The Netherlands Rural Network aims to support people and organisations that are committed to promote a strong and attractive countryside. Ouroperations promote the countryside in all its different aspects: not only through Leader groups and diversification activities, but for example also by focusing on agricultural production and landscape management.
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The Dutch countryside is in a state of transition. There are all sorts of organisations committed to promoting the resilience and appeal of our rural areas. The purpose of the National Network for Rural Areas is to support those organisations, by providing a platform where they can meet fellow organisations and local authorities and share knowledge and experiences.

Identifying  initiatives

The Rural Network also identifies new and promising initiatives in the area of (multifunctional) agriculture and village development, nature, social cohesion, quality of life and joint decision-making. Another important task is to support regional development committees in their work for rural areas.

International partner search

The Network also offers help with searching international partners and linking to other EU Rural Networks.
More about transnational cooperation


We provide these services by organising meetings and advisory sessions, by publishing articles, by offering a project database, a website, workshops and a newsletter and by listening carefully to what the network participants tell us about their needs and ideas. Additionally, we sometimes launch our own initiatives to set things in motion.
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‘Environs’ is a publication of The Rural Network. It alerts and informs about new developments in rural areas and presents the people who are committed to the countryside and rural development. Environs is the one-time translation of the Dutch ‘Streek 3’ from October 2010.
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The Netherlands Rural Network is on Facebook! Search for ‘The Netherlands Rural Network’.

Who are we?

The National Rural Network is an expansion of the Leader Network that was set up six years ago. We have enlarged the playing field and now focus on all parties involved in rural development, like farmers, environmental groups, and on the need to strengthen the rural economy.

The Dutch National Rural Network is facilitated by two independent, non governmental organizations: ETC, CLM, in collaboration with Communicatiebureau de Lynx, Aequator en Movisie. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation is the commissioning authority.